Annie and I completed a professional development course through Science Learning Hub Conference Room about Pond. In Pond, you can discover and share resources, knowledge and experiences within a supportive and generous environment solely focussed on teaching and learning. Pond hosts resources from numerous different sources.

  • It is a search engine that uniquely services kiwi classrooms and can connect you with a number of different New Zealand resources.
  • Enables teachers to share important and valuable resources.
  • You can easily collect resources and organise them.
  • Social network platform for teachers to share valuable resources.


  • Can I get akonga to use this resource successfully?

Next steps:

  • Find useful resources and to stay connected with what is going on in the teaching world.
  • Build up a number of resources or ‘buckets’ and connect/follow different leaders in my curriculum area.
Criteria this relates to:
1 – Establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of akonga.,
2 – Demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of all akonga.,
4 – Demonstrate commitment to on-going professional learning and development of personal professional practice.,
5 – Show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning,
6 – Conceptualise, plan and implement an appropriate learning programme.,
Cultural Competencies
5 – Ako – Taking responsibility for their own learning and that of Māori learners.,
Code of Ethics
2 – Justice – to share power and prevent the abuse of power,
3 – Responsible care – to do good and minimise harm to others,
Key Competencies
1 – Managing Self,
2 – Relating to Others,
3 – Thinking,
4  – Participating and Contributing


Scott Thelning said:

Thanks for doing the PD. I must admit that I need to delve more into this…I’ve heard of it, know what it is in general terms, but that’s about it. I suspect it is pretty awesome! There weren’t things like this when I began teaching…make the most f it!

– 16/03/2016


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