Code of Ethics for Registered Teachers

Teachers certificated to practice in New Zealand are committed to the attainment of the highest standards of professional service in the promotion of learning by those they teach, mindful of the learner’s ability, cultural background, gender, age or stage of development.

This complex professional task is undertaken in collaboration with colleagues, learners, parents/guardians and family/whānau, as well as with members of the wider community.

The professional interactions of teachers are governed by four fundamental principles:

  1. Autonomy to treat people with rights that are to be honoured and defended
  2. Justice to share power and prevent the abuse of power
  3. Responsible care to do good and minimise harm to others
  4. Truth to be honest with others and self.

Application of the Code of  Ethics shall take account of the requirements of the law as well as the obligation of teachers to honour the Treaty of Waitangi by paying particular attention to the rights and aspirations of Māori as tangata whenua.


Taken from the Education Council website. See here for more information.